To Mary


I wish I had for well I know
Her bonny breast was a' my own
I wish I had explained it so
What now for ever keeps unknown
I saw her bonny breast so white
I saw her bonny face so fair
I saw her beaming eyes so bright
But ne'er said what I likened there
I likened her in love so true
An angel and a woman too


I saw her smile on inward thoughts
I saw her heart resigned and pure
I saw her face with beauty frought
And felt first loves election sure
I thought of love but nothing said
No wispers from my gazing fell
In my own bosom born and bred
Mary where do I love so well
By evil eyes at close of day
My wild hedge rose was stole away


From thee they stole my e'en away
My bonny bride of high degree
Else the wild rose at close of day
My hope and love had used to be
Its dewy leaves of carmine stain
I to thy sweet face would compare
I kissed the cups tween joy and pain
Cause Mary's bosom was not there
I kissed them as truths love and glee
I likened her's as true to me —


The moon sleeps calm upon the grass
And shadows flings from bush and tree
Sweet Mary dear my bonny lass,
How much my fancy dwells on thee
I look upon thy breasts so white
And think my love is there enshrined
I kiss them by the pale moon light
And love thee stronger in my mind
Mary I loved through good and ill
And till death parts us love thee still
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