Master's Song

In harmony the social band
Are met around the fount of light,
To spend beneath the Master's hand,
In decent joy, the festive night;
Let each, in truth and honor bright,
Be present at the secret hall,
And on his heart in silence write
The sacred word that binds us all.

Beneath the blue and starry zone
Whose arch, high-swelling, girds the pole,
The Master, on his orient throne,
Unfolds to view the mystic roll;
At once the pure, fraternal soul
Bends to the sign, with sacred awe,
And reads upon the lettered scroll,
In words of light, the unuttered law.

Let us our hearts and hands entwine,
And form one perfect wreath of love;
Then, kneeling at the voice divine
That spake to mortals from above,
Put on the meekness of the dove,
And the white robes of charity,
And, in unerring wisdom, prove
Our brethren with the single eye.

Be there no darkling scowl of hate
Upon the calm, unruffled brow;
But each, in innocence elate,
To virtue's brightness only bow:
Blest guardian of all pleasures! thou
Be ever at our Master's side,
And mark, with radiant finger, how
Thy words can be our only guide.

By thee conducted, we ascend
The steps that lead above to Heaven;
And where the mounting arches end,
To each the sign of worth is given;
Then, mantled by the shades of even,
We meet beneath the unclouded sky,
And bind the links no power hath riven,
In which we swear to live and die.

Let us these favored hours employ,
These moments of the social night,
To sing the silver song of joy,
And make the chain of union bright;
So may we ever here unite
To spend the hours in mercy given,
Led by the tokens which invite
Alone to happiness and Heaven.
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