Meet Me My Own Pretty Dove!

Oh come i' the evening my own pretty dove
When the dews o' the Heaven cool the fever o' love
When the day stars o daiseys shut up in green buds
And the eyes o' Anemones close i' the woods —


Come love in thy airy straw hat and new gown
And we'll ramble at even away from the town
We'll ramble away by the hawthorn and briar
Where the waggon ruts lead to the woods free from mire


And we'll kiss by the oak and the hazel boughs hid
When the Owl hurries out as though he knew what he did
Yes we'll kiss by the light o' the silvery moon
Where the stars will na tell what two lovers ha done


So come out and meet me my own pretty dove
The stars are all sleepy & blinking above
The moon who is silent tells not what we do
So come love & meet me nor fear the mild dew
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