Melancholly Discrib'd and Dispell'd

Muse, sing the Man, whose overclouded Head,
Is with a Mist of rising Shades o'er-spread;
Whose Fancy, wild, a thousand Evils forms,
And shakes and shudders at imagin'd Storms:
Whose Mind in endless Whirls is toss'd around,
Whose quivering Feet scarce touch the solid Ground.
Look deep into the Caverns of his Mind,
And, there, ten thousand monstrous Shapes you'l find;
Gloomy as Night, and airy as the Wind.
Deep drench'd in Melancholly's baleful Streams,
Quick up his Brain ascend eternal Streams;
And his dull Life flows heavily in Dreams.

Give me the Man, whose easy cheerful Soul
Can stand secure when heaving Billows roll;
Whose House, forever built upon a Rock,
Can bear the furious Wind's tremendous Shock:
Whose Faith, in J ESUS' Sacrifice immur'd,
Stands firm and everlastingly secur'd.
While up to Heav'n he lifts his longing Eyes,
He views fair Streaks of Glory paint the Skies;
He sees the Blush of everlasting Day
Bear on his Soul, in Scenes forever gay:
The warbling Seraphs, with their tuneful Strains
Of heavenly Musick, charm away his Pains;
Nought fears he from the grizly Face of Death,
Divinely pleas'd, he ebbs away his Breath.
When all the Scenes of Life flow swift away,
And his frail Body hastens to decay,
Swift up the Skies his Wings the Saint convey.

But there, oh there! what sacred Prospects rise,
And spread a Heav'n of Glories o'er his Eyes!
There J ESUS , thou th' incarnate God dost sit,
Confess'd in all thy God-like Robes of State;
High o'er thy blazing Throne, thy beamy Light
Flashes with quick Succession on his Sight.
Thy Wounds no more in sanguine Riv'lets flow,
Thy Purple Stains shine whiter than the Snow;
And from their Sources Beams of Glory grow.
Thy Eyes, which burn like Lamps of purest Fire,
Thy Eyes, which mildly shine with kind Desire,
With everlasting Smiles of Grace are fill'd;
Grace, which the raging Pow'r of Satan quell'd;
Which broke my Soul from all its servile Chains,
And fix'd my Feet on Zion 's wid'ning Plains.
But, oh! what big, what high transporting Joys,
Feels the blest Man amidst the vast Applause,
Of Angels shouting in a general Song;
While mingling Musick breathes its Way along?

Rouze up, my Soul, let Heav'n thy Vigour raise,
Where J ESUS Flames with everlasting Rays.
J ESUS can all thy daring Foes repell,
And speak Confusion to the Pow'rs of Hell.
Thy feeble Loins with Strength renew'd can bind,
And make thy trembling Feet outstrip the Wind;
Like the rent Cloud, can scatter wide thy Fears,
And bear away th' o'er-pressing Load of Cares:
Can lift a gracious Glance thro' Horrors Gloom,
And lighten Heaven into thy darkned Room.
Come J ESUS , quickly come with smoaking Wheels,
And drag the conquer'd Devils at thy Heels;
More rapid than the driving Blasts of Wind,
Or, when inspir'd with Terror, springs the Hind.
Ye louring Clouds, when will ye break away,
And, on my darken'd Mind, let in the welcome Day?
He comes, He comes; I see, I feel the God ,
See! where his fiery Coursers scour the Road:
Nor now I'll fear, tho' armed Hosts unite,
And raging Devils push their eager Spight;
The Breath of C HRIST their harmless Fury blows,
As Whirlwinds sport away the new-fall'n Snows.
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