He broke me and hurt me now I'm bruised
I crashed but he cruised
I was awakened while he snoozed
I'm dying inside my soul is on a noose
Lord please help me break loose
My anger and pain gave the Devil a boost
Addicted to numbing the pain
Trying to run away I swerved out my lane
Thought I needed weed to keep me sane
All the shots made it fuzzy for my brain
I lost touch I got out of hand
I know I was slipping far from your plan
Because I was too busy pleasing man
Your voice was so foreign I almost didn't hear
I know that you longed to draw me near
Near to receive your love
Near to feel your touch
Oh my Lord why do you love me so much?
I lie, I have cheated, I steal
And with my tongue I kill
These words hurt but these words are real
Father God please grab the wheel
Before the Devil takes my soul and put it under his heel



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