. Bathroom

Homes are inhabited in houses,
And in homes, emotions flow,
The innocent giggles resonating in the courtyard,
Holding even the vastness of seas,
A quest for salvation at the window, buried under the weight of debt overlooking the skies,
On rest chair sitting calmly
Ageing yawns and a drowsy desires,
A young winged vision
From the doorframe of skylight Treading in the valleys of Kashmir,
Kissing the ice of Alaska,
Touching the algae in the depths of oceans
And measuring even the infertile craters of moon
Acknowledging facts,
Delicious airs from the kitchen,
Filling the life with warm flavors,
In homes when emotions flow,
Joys are multiplied and sorrows are divided,
But their is a corner,
For lonely sorrows and solitary joys,
Bathroom covers quietly,
Behind its doors,
The bloom of face of a fledgling's first flush of love,
The dying anxious heart eager to know the results of something that matters,
The cries of a broken heart,
Unmelodious songs of a hoarse Singer emanating from the heart,
The lust emerged in eyes looking at one's own naked body,
Humiliation and despair of guilts,
Bathroom contains
Silently all those untold secrets,
Sometimes as a bed of joys,
Sometimes a cemetery of sorrows,
Bathroom becomes at the same time,
The most beautiful corner in the home,
And the ugliest....

© Hardeep Sabharwal



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