To remain lost in the darkness
Has left one to seem
Feeble amongst the others of his realm
Though they have not seen
That this one being is above them all

For he has seen the other lands
In between the realms
He has wandered through the bridge
The path to the other worlds
Balenced upon his shoulders
The weight of it all
For only he can hold it
Or all we know shall fall

His lifetime is dwindling
Coming to a close
Which will finally bring to the light
For this he has so long desired to see
Away from the darkness that he had always known

Now the times are changing
While his has begun to end
In the beginning his life was only starting
As the predecessor before him would fade

Soon to carry a burden
This being was born
The ambassador of worlds
He carried on through all the storms

That was long ago
His turn has ended
As now the successor has come
Ready to take his oath
The shift has started
In its wake
It has bring him a short relief
As the weight upon him has parted

For now it will be over
Until the successor has come
Old realms shall fizzle away
Beginning again, they shall start a new

The cycle is now beginning
And the successor has begun
The darkness is returning
As it has always done

After the successors own time has come
Even after it is done
The darkness will forever show
Yet even if the world has no woes
If the cycle has ended upon
The final turn of its wheel
The worlds and realms wil forevermore be gone
Never again to ever exist
The final being will be last to ever survive.



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