People dream, I dream
They, immortal in their heavenly world
But eighty-five is enough for the Milky Way
And ninety will blue shift towards Andromeda

They will tear and be absorbed by the black hole
I'll still be a part of the Universe
Not a supergiant star, and yellow dwarf will be the best
Nuclear fusion with hydrogen, brought brightness towards you

For a yellow dwarf, ten billion is the limit
The Galaxy may be crash, the universe may collapse
It may happen to me as well
But I will still prevent it happens to the one I love

You are the white dwarf A, I’m yellow dwarf B
In a binary star system
Love forever
Then swallow each other

Stay naive, but filled with logic
Even when I’m fading away, still questioning myself
Where is the end of the stairs, my telescope pointing towards?
Will they welcome me, even if I can’t understand them?

People dream with me, I dream with them
Even though it is only a dream
Build up a Utopia
Enjoy the luxury beyond life



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