She sat in her seat at the scratched up white card table.
She spoke excitedly about an amorous outing her and a stranger had planned.

She told me she thought he might be the one, that he seemed like a true gentlemen.
I could spot the budding love in her blurry eyes.

He walked through the buzzer protected door  with her favorite flowers in hand. His face birthed a smile as he sat down and held her hand, calling her darling.

My heart leapt into my throat when I saw the tears well up in her foggy eyes. She dropped her head into her fragile hands. A few moments later when she rose her head again she looked confused, startled.

He looked in her stormy eyes with a well hidden sorrow behind his own. ”You know me, don’t you?” He meekly questioned.

”Yes.” she replied with ache echoing in her voice. she held both of his hands in her own and gave him a light butterfly kiss on the lips. A small smile wrestled its way onto her year seasoned face.

”We’ve been married for sixty years. ” He reminded her gently.

”How long have I been gone.” She questioned with a solemn air.

”You come back to me everyday when I arrive for our lunch date. ” He said with a somber smile, replacing the generic nursing home blanket on her shoulders. ”Maybe twenty minutes, maybe only five, but you always come back to me.

They intertwined their age ravaged hands and reminisced an entire life in one fleeting moment.




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