Corona the doomed apple on earth

The outbreak from apple or not
The plague so contiguous in natur
Ah Covid! Through the air so fast spread
All over earth, Humans so to slow had to
Days and nights in action bewas so short
Quarantine, isolation scuffed society lungs
Chest, in fear to inhale virus with oxygene
Or through the mouth from curiosity to fade
The apple got Adam to pay eden bewas earth
The pay is unknown, it is in vague; lack of taste
So nauseous on feet to standstill able not to be
So tiny to see, toughed the game; hide and seek
From Covi-germ keep ourselves in darkness safe
Though mankind never liked to live to be in dark
Soon or late, no matter how lightless It shall last
Moon by the heat of our Sun shall recharge over
Over and over is over but never shall be over ever
Earth is ill so far, of Man's filth became full of dirt
From Eden thousands miles in everything much far