by Niwa

Oh heavy snow that falls before me...

Are you truly as white as I see, or are my eyes just deceiving me?
The heavy wind that blows and the drizzling rain that follows.
The thunder that strikes and the clouds that gather.
Yet none are enough to stop you and me.

Evil will flow like the rivers that run, and the rage will go on and on until the fire burns itself out and gives way to what's left within , other than the ashes that now remain.

Tell me now, was it white or really just tainted with greed ?

But it seems too pure and angelic as it falls down with elegance and and grace, how could it be... that it was very malificent and it's building up a blizzard to stop you and me.

No, it was not as innocent as it once was anymore, it's not forever no longer. It now melts upon approach or stubbornly falls like a pebble with a heavy vengeance but - white it was not, my dear.



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