Fighting in the Winter of Dogmatic Influence

emerging in the outbreak war ideal
belief to a heavy control
these thrived for physical war
common to the tenants
refused to repent of the dictated worship

within, the forsaken focus their conduct
such offense in the tension between their ties
and increased fear

some lacked after that peace disappeared
passage unable to contain the swell
sentiment no longer controlled or kept
conflict assembles informal violation
forced violence

to dissuade great discord and confusion
reject the conflict
itself, our judgment laid down
that such who openly or by connivance
act therein do so manifest

from a divine system
after short-lived principles were authored
into family and thought
a fundamental ideological dilemma
through life and after
never completely returned

from elsewhere to the inhabitants of others
accepted with varying force
to wound
suffered at the hands of patriots
to follow the end war demands

clear forgeries nonetheless turned many
a rule altered to allow
a swell of legacy power the war



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