Here we go with poem number two,

You did it! I fell in love with you
You have been there for me through the thickest of thick,
And the thinnest of thin,
We stand side by side, hand in hand 
I've been telling everyone for a while, I found the man.
The things you do and the things you say
They run in my mind all the time and everyday.
Thank you for making me feel special and loving me,
There is times where I do wonder what made you fall for me.
The memories I have of all the things we have done,
Have all made me to believe I truly found the one!
When you spelled with roses saying I love you,
You have no idea what I really wanted to do.
I love that I can be myself when were together 
I love hearing you say that it will be me and you forever.
I never thought I deserved to feel like this
The feelings I've had since our very first kiss.
Without you...the phrase will be used in one way only 
I can't be WITHOUT YOU because then I feel lonely.
I never thought all this could be real
I never thought I could never feel the way I feel.
When you tell me things I feel the truth behind each letter
Certain things you tell me at times make me feel better.
I never knew someone could make me feel so loved 
I never knew I could love someone like this
I loved you yesterday, I love you today, I love you tomorrow,
And I love you all the days that follows.
I have said it once and I will surely say it again
I will even say it until the very end.
You're my yesterday, my today, my tomorrow, 
And my forever and always.
Poetry Reading: 
Anna Daley


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