by Athres

Dark chimes tarry by sombre lilies,
grim tolls, unwhispered, reave quiet.
Sunset dangles long,
forever sundown lurks nigh.

Waves and tide of time gather to flee,
whisking, as shades of void soon cloak,
dead whispers she murmurs,
her varied words untold.

Shaven, she lays,
bloodless eyes embed on fading sunset,
the shine edging to rest by horizon,
a semblance held - end.

The gaze of black-white clouds cast beside,
her broken breath, thrums, to their travel,
solemnly, ashen carpals fuse in orison,
supplication to any God true.

Sun, dim, arrives horizon,
cast shadows lay path to hereafter.
soul drowns in sleep by her forever sunset.



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