Above the mountain dark and deep
The snow clouds form a floating quill;
But though these woods are clear and bright,
Inside the town I feel it chill.
終南望餘雪Zhōng Nán Wàng Yú Xuě
終南陰嶺秀,Zhōng nán yīn lǐng xiù ,
積雪浮雲端。Jī xuě fú yún duān 。
林表明霽色,Lín biǎo míng jì sè ,
城中暮寒。Chéng zhōng zēng mù hán 。
Literal Character Translation
End South Gaze Peak Snow
End South dark ridge luxuriant,
Accumulate snow float clouds extreme.
Woods display bright clear-after-rain color,
City-walls inside increases evening cold.
1. “End South” is the literal meaning of Zhongnan Mountain, near Xian.
2. “Accumulate snow” means “snow cover” or “snow mantle.”
3. “Clouds extreme” means “high in the clouds.”
4. “Display bright” means “make clear.”
5. “Clear-after-rain” means the sky is clearing up.
Author of original: 
Zu Yong