Pleading with the man upstairs
for i’m neither wrinkled nor grey.
Death maliciously hovers,
amending my doomsday.

Death whirls downward,
cold sweats begin their descent.
Toxins soak my hospital gown.
I swallow my fear to erase regret.

Tremors, aches and chills,
manifestations of hell.
I raise the white flag.
Death guides me home.

Santa Muerte vanished.
Was my bed not made?
A house of mirrors
scratching it's head.

Three nights prior, sleep called in.
Slobber forms a brook,
alas slumber earns it's cheddar.
Six fortnights, dawn waits.

I arise from the tomb.
Inside, shame is put to rest.
Old habits washed away.
I depart Fairbanks reborn.

Heavenly gates slide open,
my home group beyond.
Sobriety turned ally.
I exit to greet a new dawn.



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