by Regina

God wants to hear your prayers again,
work-worn as you are,
the hours so long,
yet a quiet respite with Him awaits,
sit down for a few minutes-
close your heavy eyes,
imagine a hammock
anchored between two tall,
inviting oak trees that
have abundant shade
on this mid-July afternoon,
as you've eased yourself
into it, it's slowly swaying,
as neighborhood children
in the pool next door
playing, "Marco Polo",
you're drifting over treetops,
as crowded thoughts and
worries are leaving,
sleep arrives with silent celebration,
swaying, scent of hydrangea in
the aimless breeze,
in a hammock,
don't rush to awaken your
harried mind,
as sparrows sing in unison,
momentarily, you're as free as them,
God, and time, has paused for you-
in a hammock.



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