by Regina

There was a lingering hint,
of pine and peppermint,
out of the corner of my farthest sight-
a moment of regal red and white,
I know I saw him,
some don't believe, they're usually grim.

When, before-
the pantry and shelter struggled for more,
suddenly, some smiling folks came in,
with bags of warm clothes for the bin,
and a catering van from a wedding
the snowstorm postponed,
with trays of ham, macaroni, canapes, and provolone,
homeless families with awestruck children-
delighted in these gifts, and the tall Christmas tree,
looking so bright, welcoming, in the lobby,
I know I saw him, momentarily,
and before he left to finish his sacred
Christmas Eve mission,
he whispered to me-
"In our hearts, should always be, generosity."



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