Run down environment
So many levels of different views,
On this world and how to conquer it
Many taken the obvious stereotypical route
Who am I to judge?
What is done in the dark helps most see the light, no matter how dim
Searching for love within lustful situations
Children seeing the devil's presence firsthand
Tormenting and punishing them for what's out of their hands
Screams in between the cries of those who long for more
This life inside of this world wasn't the plan
Nothing is ever apart of the plans intended
The blood of the women scorned from the inside who try to smile from the outside
The tears of those who cared too much
The stares of men who lust and greed
So I stand, upon rooftops, when the sun rests on the lining of the pacific
The color scheme promising a new tomorrow:
Blue, emotionally, draining your memories
White, washing out your impurities
Pink, giving strength to every wound
Only to be awaken to same dark clouds
Gushing winds carry all the feelings back to its original source
Taking deep breaths as I'm constantly pushed towards to edge
Fearing the departure of a life I've known
Knowing I'm the only one who can change my surroundings
Arms spread eagle wide
I let my tears go first, I'll catch up in no time
Like a Phoenix, I'll rise again and be reborn as the person I've dreamed of.
Like a Phoenix, I'm dying for every soul suffering but once I'm back, anew,
I will be every tortured soul's testimony
There's always an exit.



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