by pawil

Non dimentico il passato
Non trascuro il presente
Non temo il futuro
Words lost in wind, we shout above
smashing of windows
rise star of danger, sky burning,
take your place in the firmament
knock on my roof
trapped in the enclave
behind the lines
morning uncovers rubble, crunching,
how can you love the spring
the morgues are full
dead children in ice cream cabinets
your bed is a trench, house a coffin,
you are reeds that crumple in the storm
lashed by hell cannon,
this bloody helter the devil stirred,

the school is blasted
the pinpoints are merciless
the ruins hush valleys
blood for blood
one thousand deaths
to avenge one -
I can be found
in the midst of silence
the displaced scurrying
rats in their cage
stretches our imagination,
I will
Escape, escape, escape

Previously published in I am not a silent poet 



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