lady bohemia

her hungry ethereal visitors / floating gently through the galaxy
and places beyond beyond / while she prepares the dinner party
lady bohemia swivels boldly in her universe / zigzagging, ricocheting off icy comets
gathering tonight’s culinary elements / from parsecs hither and thither
cosmic ray cocktails / for tonight’s digestif motif

they all make their earthly returns / to their delicate earthling forms
she dons a fashionable hat / atop her mortal wrap
walks swiftly to the planet’s patio / where guests claim manifestos
she removes her sandals / this bohemienne virtuoso
introducing and uniting souls / infinite and infinitesimal dominoes

wanderers meekly seek adventurers / near the clique of vagabonds
but unite in watching a guitar strumming / a chord adored
sun-capped hills to the north / where angels practice the seven arts
the hunter, cassiopeia, the gemini twins / rumor behind their cousin asterisms
the lady smirks at all of this...
these connections don’t exist until her position is fixed



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