by Ambra

Majestic Florence
Land of golden dreams
you held my love in your lively and hopeful streets and squares
caressed his curious head
drawn him to your architecture
your market welcomed him to walk among
its stands and loud types of people
relaxing, swarming, absentmindedly living
on a July evening
that’s where I first heard his voice
sweetly revealing itself to me
that’s where I pictured him smiling for the adventures that would have come

Sweet, Sunny Florence
you led him through your cathedrals, museums, monuments,
messing his hair with your breeze
with such tenderness
wetting his shirt of sweat
when you reached 40 degrees
But most importantly
you led him to my heart
which has always been waiting
You see now, Graceful City,
it’s my gratefulness that wants to repay you
through these words I’m nostalgically
putting together

Sunny, Festive Florence
he has only been a traveler
of your crowded streets
passed by for a handful of days
but you still miss him
and his bright rare mind of gold
as much as I miss him
as much as I want to go back
to your glory days, Loving Florence,
when all we cared about
was how our entire worlds
were colliding into one another
even if for a matter of days
when the beauty of your sunset
and the freshness of your night sky
softened his muscles
quietened his fears
put a smile on his face
that I can still see
miles and months



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