Long thin finger reaches out
clicking the switch to lightning's flow
Quantum jumps but observed not
electrons fly setting photons free

thinnest glass contain's the flow
phosphorus excited brightly glows
piercing brightly with cold beams
illuminating that which cannot be seen

sterile white paper shedding not
chemicals harsh life to seek
cleansing washing what remains
freeing all to seek again

people scrubbing most vigorously
at the stains which to remain
drops of blood that there were spilt
from burning cuts slashed so deep

clean white gowns to hide away
all the things that should not be
tight blue gloves to protect
from the things that life would take

hunger burns within them then
for that which feeds temporarily
laboring through the hours so long
to buy the things that so quickly flee

metal bright most perfectly made
slashing quickly cutting deep
cleanly leaking without pain
flowing life running away

warmly flowing unfelt down
bright red drops falling free
life is lost in left behind
leaving a trail lost behind

soft quiet steps continue on
swishing of cloth so barely heard
soft squeak of shoes on floors so clean
like tiny mice that are not there

filtered cold air blows around
seeking to strip what does get free
carried away to traps not seen
to be cleansed again on another day

life's trails of what once was
fruitless battles fought each day
drying drops of deepest red
that tomorrow will be cleansed away

what is the point of the endless dance
the shedding of the life on every day
to cleanse away and pretend it was not
to start again on every day

warm bright blood lost each day
a little life to be replaced
but no one cares that it was there
and no one feels it draining away

cloth of white becoming red
unbroken weave now slashed and torn
cannot protect what lies within
cannot stop the dying up every day

pointless labors reach an end
quick bloody hand slashes down
breaks the flow of lightning then
hiding in darkness that was lost



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