Dashing around perimeters with vim,
taking  in bold  majestic visuals,
it warms the pulsing meter,
of a vibrant mind so enthused,
by whatever wondrous  breathtaking scene,
that might possibly without hint,
semblance or slight suggestion,
even trace of encounters in prospect,
which at first glimpse idiotic,
as observing soul on foot,
should surely be at their sharpest,
because so many different gems,
or that perceived as a jewel,
though all this is relative,
due perception is that variant,
that adept loose engagement,
amid conflicting vocal strained slant,
once often, once too frequent,
chasm  on apparent moral rift,
when mesmerised by ample riches,
in earth and dream environs,
whose prolific benefit most viewed,
and generally met each second,
without a tad of hyperbole,
but am I or indeed we,
too strict, too stringent, too harsh,
with wooly wordplay whimsy,
splendour rarely is  straight forward,
the road we yen for,
just lying round some turn,
have we forgotten other realms,
zones, aspects, pathways, regions,
where euphoria may somehow linger,
It’s to our  lasting detriment,
at this golden special  moment,
cast your eye on proximity,
draw in the vital city eden,
so near you almost miss it,
fix eclectic leaning without pause,
but dig  with earnest zeal for real elation



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