i told you
where to look for it.
once you were at the back of the house
near the compost pile,
you could see a vine peeking out like a snake's tail--
on the left of it
a primrose bush,
on the right of it
a wooden sunflower stuck to the top of a metal rod.
i wanted you to find that secret,
like all the strings of a ukulele
your discovery plucky, chimes a note,
--all together now--
the song you hide behind your bangs,
where your eyes wallow,
where you care to forget what you saw--
"me too"
sung like a starving sparrow song,
like hard luck,
like soft love were your words,
the unexpected sum of money,
cologne-fragrant wads of big bills,
5 grand--
a surprise tax return.
with that much money
you can get to just about anywhere in the united states.
if you really want to run away,
get an apartment,
plan for a month's worth of food, and
pay the first month's bills.
and maybe
while youre at it,
change your name.



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