Deep down inside of me,
There is a quarrel of two sides..
One that is the angelic soul,
Other is the wicked mind...

Both want the same,
The love of their dreams..
But the way they want it,
It's differently beamed...

Confused yet in love,
Desires for a path to seek..
Not the one in which there are tears,
But the one in which two souls in love will meet...

Now the answers come,
Which shook me a bit..
The wicked mind is not wicked at all,
Instead it was destiny at wit...

Choices that were made long ago,
Are reflected upon earth now..
My mind was indeed innocent,
It just knew it all somehow...

For I feel like held and walked,
The divine is at play for sure..
For all the misery and hurt caused,
He first created the cure...



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