Mindin' The Store

Gino was that smooth croonin' cat
from Montreal
Aldo had a fantasy- guess they're all still
up there just havin' a ball
Bechard was that broodin' sexy femme fatale
Karma'll slap ya upside the noggin
even if yer a Swede like Dolph
playin' a Ruski all big n' tall
Puttin' whole 'nother meanin'
why we can't dance "Hey Nineteen"?
er "Rikki don't lose that number" to the CDC!
Oh yeah can still identify enemies unseen
But brought down more than to yer knees
Taken down by a mere microscopic
germ er spore-
mindin' the store

Caleb's set up shop in the back 40 parking lot
ever since they closed the always open
Denny's Diner down
Po' little Paul's got dead presidents hangin'
out of pockets n' spinnin' wheels of Christine's
Porsche 944
Some used to knock it but now he can't even
get a rub n' tug boom went to ghost
none even runnin' 'round town
not just "sportin' a woodie" but a frown
Noone headin' out to the heartland er wavin'
shotgun 'round gluin' faces to the floor
at corner of Flo'da Mom n' Pop shop no more-
mindin' the store

Hansel n' Gretel groovin' 'long
to Warrant's glam metal but er even keepin' social distancing 6 ft. 'tween slingin' each bread crumb
But Jack's still gittin' stalked by the ogre
there's just no reasonin' with that big ol' glunk
Even Tom Thumb's thinkin' it over
gittin' a lil' gun shy to stick it in the plum
The three bears rolled in wearin' N95 masks
n' asked who's this lil' blonde haired bitch
up in here? n' has she been tested?
er did she just OD? turnin' all pasty
hue of blue not that neon green was it like the wicked witch of the west?
n' the big bad wolf's really wheezin' up a storm
puffin' tryin' to get things off his chest
er lent to reinventin' himself
in some new other lore-
mindin' the store.

3-20-2020 Duncan R.M. Ferguson



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