A smidgen less than two score plus years ago, this then sixth grader (at Henry Kline Boyer Elementary School located in Evansburg, Pennsylvania) underwent visible yet tease zing of sea legs transformation. As a socially outcast (podcasts not invented), painfully shy, tremendously withdrawn prepubescent, my existence practically bespoke invisibility. Never sought out to bolster reign dear team, nor stroked as teachers’ pet, I figuratively donned invisible erotic daggered cloak essentially playing analogous constant dodge ball game, whence vulcanized hard rubber sphere represented my microcosm. At every chance, a deliberate effort undertaken to avoid people! An angst-riddled psyche followed promotion one grade to the next (dogged catatonic state), in tandem with strong aversion to assume mantle of greater demands! Even the charming, fawning, illuminating Miss Rinderle (a young teacher, married and possibly a grandmother) at above-mentioned quaint one class per grade primary school stymied to affect enthusiasm. At some juncture (perhaps before September 1970 ended), a substitute/assistant instructor accompanied ogling, praiseworthy, quintessentially ravishing betrothed (engaged to be married to mister Gay). Thee colorful student teacher, (whose first name never told – or forgotten) took partial charge sans spectrum of daily lessons. She possessed a magic touch! Under her gentle and humble, tutelage, a budding charm dredged enthusiasm-grappling interest wholeheartedly with most every lesson. Though, a novitiate (and freshly minted graduate), I silently bowed in acquiescence when Miss Rainbow handed reins during brief reign. Her colorful presence aroused, enamored, and inspired latent ambition to awake, and throve (dormant hermetically vacuum sealed) emotional state! Thru a combination of affinity and energy, I exhibited utmost academic energy! Despite chronological age difference, that particular block of time in the life of Matthew Scott Harris witnessed amorous childlike, glowing infectiously kindling quivering sexual desire. Just on the cusp of adolescence, I experienced and discerned other classmate lads), displaying sexually amorous, romantically quixotic, captivating, amorphous desires. Nebulous physical attraction permeated my being (in league with natural bubbling testosterone) teamed subconsciously. Thee strawberry blonde, shapely, seductive Miss Rainbow made no overt, or covert overtures, yet muted kaleidoscope of animalistic feral loosed narcotic rutting suppressed urge! Primal pang per fornication sublimated via (Freudian) actions short-lived exertion to excel scholastically viz abysmal performance. revelation shone decades later upon onset writhing horniness principled age of LVII.






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