My heart aches everyday,
The memories in my head are on replay,
I go through pictures of all of you,
It has been a rough year we have been through,

With every minute of everyday,
I tell myself I'm ok,
I know its a lie,
I'm nowhere near fine,

Being your all's mom is all I know in life,
So why do I lie and say I'm alright,
When deep down I'm shattered and broken,
So much so, tears cant be shed and words are unspoken,

I lay in my bed,
Dreaming of having you all with me here in my head,
I know I will have you all home in the end,
Only then will I start to heal and mend,

I pray everyday begging God please,
Help me get everything together so my kids can come home to me,
I promise to never stray again,
Please I need this pain and emptiness to end,

I lay in my bed alone,
Waiting for the day you all come home,
I pray it won't be long,
With me is where you all belong.



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