He watched the ship curve off
the end of the Earth and
fall beneath the dim horizon.

When he fell across the gravel
his hands and knees were peppered
with blood and he had to pick out
the small stones one by one.

There were no guards or other
visitors in the atrium so he
touched the metal sculpture
and ran one hand down its side.

The drug routed his senses
in overdrive and he tore down
the hill in a rush of id.

He saw the tears run over
her high cheekbones and pause
for a slow second before they
fell to dot the beige of her skirt.

He remembered holding her
warm body of ivory and silk.

He watched the ship fall
beneath the dim horizon and
curve off the end of the Earth.

He saw the sea consume it
and became one with the waves.

Appeared in Dreams and Nightmares