It stakes out the territory
Starting at the peak,
In my chest
Waging a scorched earth campaign
All the way down
Leaving a ravaged, path that burns like lava in its wake
Pillaging the breathe from my lungs
Marching downwards, causing my stomach to recoil
As it recklessly expands and contracts.
There it sits
Plotting, preparing for its next assault,
It’s next round is more subdued but no less caustic
With full force, bombs are shot in the form of tears
Once they have retreated
It is safe to asses the damage
Manifested as pink puffy eyes,
Shredded lips,
And hazy vision.

Looking back,
It is a memory,
The cause long forgotten.
But there is no difficulty
In finding landmarks from the destruction
And trenches that will never be filled



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