One day I strolled along the beach,
admiring the view.
I accidentally overheard
something I’ll share with you.

To give you context,
this was said between two comical beings,
a couple tanning on a towel
while speaking quite amusing things.

The man exclaimed, “I have a riddle for you, my love.
Why do I like sunny days?”
The woman thought a bit. Then said,
“Is it the rich blue sky? Is it the sparkling waves?”

“Both wrong,” the man declared triumphantly.
“You want another guess?”
“Is it the warmth of rays upon your skin?” she laughed. 
Then teased, “Or my own lack of dress?”

He grinned, “You’re close but no. You give up yet?
It’s quite simple you will see.
It’s what you’re wearing on you eyes, in fact,
that brings me the most glee.”

He took his shades and put them on
and stared at his cute bean.
“You see, my dear, with these shades on,
I see but can’t be seen.”

“I can stare at that grandma over there,
look the bodybuilder in the eye,
and not for a second will they know that
they’re being watched by I.”

“Isn’t it a wonder, dear?
Just like Harry's invisibility cloak?”
“What a strange man you are,'' she laughed.
“That was a decent joke.”

I made my way along the beach
And thought the whole thing silly.
I took my shades out, put them on
And looked around willy-nilly.



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