July 12th , 2018 Like a fly without his/her buzz even popping a guarana (caffeine) does not shake the feeling like brain covered with fuzz no matter how hard I try eyelids claps shut nor how many hours of sleep elapse offers nary reprieve folds welded tightly shut feel like they weigh much as a ton mud covered flaps, thus thought to summon meager energy reserves perhaps generating poetic lines interrupted by taking constant naps but no matter eyelids weigh heavy as a ton steel traps narcolepsy not ruled out since tired body struggles as if grasping for air, yet such fatigued state uncommon for me, though bothersome to grin and bear this bout of sleepiness, where this white knight chess sleeps trouble free aye declare quality deep rapid eye movement marked noticed since medication taken to treat debilitating anxiety e'er concomitant panic attacks, where psyche got rent asunder send ding this atheist to hell episodes pained me forked flaming tongues flare ling, immobilizing, paralyzing and stinging entire body, hence methinks primary cerebral gear and cog glommed like a drain clogged with hair nonetheless, no alarmist worry, nor "worst case scenarios" betray my ordinarily mellow emotional state, thus any task I must delay thoughts unstoppably captivated by snoozing upon a bed of freshly mown hay, and then hours later diminishing fatigue in catchy rye ming verse aye re: lay relishing being awake, the mine true valued self I kin portray.


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