Here is something to remember
When your heart
Is full of splinters.

When your summers become winters
No warmth cuddles Your cold
No love being shown
No route to escape
No hope left to take.

Remember your journey.
Remember your worthy
To live a beautiful life.
To stop the self sacrifice

To be bold, while still being nice.
To kill your ego.
Just live your life.

But if you loose your path
Becoming a monstrous wrath.
Becoming something you would not dare Becoming someone you cannot bare.

May you find your truth in time
May your time press rewind.
Bringing you back to one state.

The one before your heart felt so much hate.
The one before you did nothing but procrastinate.

Such a state of mind.
Cannot be so hard to find.
Just takes a bit of time.
And the right kind of love.

Comfort has to be given.
Possibly by someone.
That is truly forgiving.

So circle around.
find your peace
Your life’s true release.

Then the splinters
That poke in your heart.
Can be something You have forgot.



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