To the muses to Homeros and Virgil
To Chaucer, Sidney, and Marelow
Dryden, Shakespear, and Colliredge
Wordsworth, Blake and Auden
My world witnesses horror
Humanity lives a nightmare
Though earth's plenty of oxygen
Lungs function hard then to fade
A virus into the body intrudes
Like a thief through nasals
Tragedy in many families
In my world, we are all heroes
Melo-dramic, paradoxical heroism
Each climax follow an anti
Back to the so-called Corona
Fever, dry cough and nausea
the symptoms like modern plague
I you all can feel their suffers
How hard to speak the mind
Eyes burn so the pen slips
Yet, I am into the spirit
Years of being consciousness
May get people to feel'nt
As Hobbes suggests
Humans machines to be
The being of humans
Being moody, angry, happy
Mortal, gloomy, energitic
Thus we are special
Thus apart from machines
I had this cry and the burning eyes
Humans' Troy fell yet Aeneas
He was the hope of all
A baby born to offspring
No revenge otherwise sickens
Love the key for peace
Like social distance these days
Though far from all from hearts
We wish and pray for any human
So spirits recovers and strong become
Hence, safe healthy and united
Our hearts, souls with one sound
Love, peace shall flourish the earth
People spiritually should unite
Neither physically nor materialistically
The power, the bond can reach ulitmost