howling at a moon
that never hears
in love with the moon
in dog day dreams

the moon above the ruin
lighting the nights of death

the dam burst here
the flood is in
the water washes over
my naked skin

by the jagged claws
of sea creatures
crawling through the night

even here
the grass grows green
as night is ever dark
and schoolchildren dream

jagged along the edge
reaching out to you
between the howls
to the midnight moon

we watch you
between the towers
within the trance
of nighttime dreams

dropping drops of glitter
upon the heads of those who seek

one with the waves
that break free for the shore

in the reflected shine
of fallen stars

two towers
and the tides
that fall between

around and around
life in a cycle
beneath the rhythms
of the nightly moon

dolphins circle
in search of the souls still lost
in the waking dawn

a dolphin song
among the lost souls
that wake at dawn

trees or towers
towers or trees—
man and nature
in a battle
we dare not win

we try to sleep
within the howling
beneath the moon

as the world goes dark
in search of
what once was light

black hole—
drawing souls
from the river of life

in the river of life
as we drift
beyond the edge
of wake and sleep

through the mountains
within the earth
the rivers flow beneath
while watched over
by the midnight moon

a thousand stars
surround the moon
like snowflakes falling
in the black of night

around the spheres
within the spheres
lost in the path to truth
among the wind and dark

past the gatekeeper
past the watchtower
alone on the river
in search of memory

crag to crag
reality unfolds
in mountain caves
found only
in the dark of day

truth falls
like washed up pebbles
in the sea

raining light
to those who howl
at the setting moon

the waves come in
the sky is dark
our ancient sleep
waits for the spark

in a dream
she sailed a midnight sea
following a path
that only she could see

the guardians of this land
between the dark and light
await the ones who quit
from a little fight

the jagged crawfish
scales the rocks
from the infinite sea
to split the shore
between the dark and light

in shades
I see the moon
from another’s light

the river flows
from another time
through space and darkness
here to the edge
of human understanding

on the edge
struggling to see
where light is dark
and dark is light
I ask the watching moon

by the light
unable to ask
unable to speak
to reach for the word
I speak in tongues

all along
the howl of the night
watching the rain
to catch the drops that fall
along the river of truth

the quest has turned
another shade of light—
your voice is gone
and all the other voices
have ceased to speak

it is a golden path
far into the horizon
beyond the mountain rage

it flows here
where no one cares
to follow the way

the moon is dead
where once was life—
in its valleys
the gray light darkens forever
a shadow in the night

the trees are bare
though winter's not yet come
it is darkness only
that wraps the land

within the moon
there is a darkness
that draws me
away from home

surrounded by
the light of a star
a million years away

moonlight above the graves—
I take the nighttime shift

bats amid the branches—
spread into the night

ice water, moon above—
she swims naked to the shore

sleeping moon—
spread out into space
to pull us where
we don’t need to go

from ragged cliffs
they spy their enemies
while the moon
has bathed them both
in silver light

the river reaches far
but only so far
and our time is up

the earth and moon
the seer flies
through all the muffled light
to see what he needs to see

pulled by a string
to tie what’s seen
and what needs to be seen

veil before our view—
the truth we cannot see

opening the window—
all our secrets exposed
to the midnight moon

arrow shot
it comes back—
we cannot hide
from what the Watcher
already knows

ragged claws
across the barren land—
wherever we turn
there is someone
who doesn’t want us there

tied up in tradition—
we will never change

past and present
reflected in eyes
and what the watcher sees

the boat we sailed
in phases with the moon
is not here—it never was

in endless combinations—
there are so many ways
we will never escape

in a grotto
where all the spirits lie
the only light
is the light of the moon

the seas we flee—
washed up on the shores
with ragged claws

the phases of the moon—
she holds all life
but never in one place

all possibilities
like phases of the moon—
but now is only one

walls worn ragged
beneath the siege
of enquiring light

arms like wands
he spins the moonlight—
past and present

within the clouds
between the earth and moon
with nothing to reveal

crouching, cornered—
moonlight in one hand
claws in the other

the white witches
dance around the moon
until the music stops

shining on the water
where no one dares to swim

drowning beneath the moonlit waters
where there was never any hope

creatures of the night
above the water’s light