Randy D Rubin                                                                                                Word Count: 439

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Portsmouth, VA 23702-2103

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They’re Coming!


They’re coming…

            They are? Yes they certainly are!

            They’re coming by car

            from afar, hardy-har,

            navigating at night by the great Northern Star.


They’re coming…

            Again, all those women and men

            with their children, like last year when

            we let them in and then

            they turned our home into some kind of cattle pen.


They’re coming…

            For food – that whole wandering brood

            with their bad attitude

            and their manners so crude,

            being festively flippant and rowdy and rude.




They’re coming…

            Get hopping! They said they’re not stopping

            so you go grocery shopping

while I start the mopping

            and pick up two tubs of that non-dairy topping.


They’re coming…

            Right here. Where’s the card table dear?

            Fill the ice chests with beer;

            Make this mess disappear.

            Gosh, I hope that the turkey’s not too dry this year.


They’re coming…

            Hey before, you head out to the store

            get the list off the freezer door,

            there – it fell on the floor.

            If you want deviled eggs, I’ll need four dozen more.


They’re coming…

            Don’t forget, that the kitchen floor’s wet:

            When it dries get this table set.

            These pies aren’t ready yet.

            They’ll probably show up with pies of their own, I’ll bet.



They’re coming…

            Quit messing! We’ll let Dad say the blessing.

            There’s way too much dressing;

            We’re slowly progressing

            but we probably won’t be ready ‘til seven, I’m guessing.


They’re coming…

            So let’s say we’ll seat twelve today

            if your grandparents stay.

            If they don’t—that’s okay.

            There’ll be plenty of food for us all either way.


They’re coming…

            Get chairs, from your bedrooms upstairs.

            They won’t match but who cares.

            We’ll be lucky if there’s

            enough room at the table for us all to say prayers.


They’re coming…

            I’m back! Grab these grocery sacks.

            Here’s the last jumbo packs

            that were left on the racks.

            It was three hundred dollars and ten cents, plus tax.



They’re coming…

            Come here, Hon. The turkey is done.

            Look at those juices run.

            Find the platter; here’s one!

            This bird’s falling apart and it weighs half a ton!


They’re coming…

            They’re NOT! They just phoned from some spot

            right outside of Prescott.

            Well, this Thanksgiving’s shot!

            Let just get to the table and eat while it’s hot.


They’re not coming…

            That’s true, but before this day’s through

            you’ll give thanks – All of you!

            Saying prayers for those few

            of our family members we owe our love to.



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