Moon, amorist of winter, gloom disguised affront
gloom relentlessly tucked dawn tight til morrows rise
heartbreak lacking in winter’s battlefront

humanity skews expectations for the annual salacious hunt
as moon dazed by winter's rare gloom
moon, amorist of winter, gloom disguised affront

qualities winter sported, moon locks eyes, longer to confront
whispering in ear, pleasure tickles moon with smooth chills
heartbreak groaning in winter’s battlefront

at noon of winter, moon shed tears of ice, intent now blunt
moon sought revenge, flooding winter white to brighten gloom
moon, admorist of winter, revenged gloom’s affront

punishing gloom, moon bore the brunt
incarcerating gloom, caged at opposite pole of winter
heartbreak fizzled away winter’s battlefront

moon rocking in chair, still eyes upon Earth from forefront
winter's gleam whirled in orbit as gloom inched near
moon, admorist of winter for gloom secreted winter’s affront
heartbroken humans ignorant to winter’s battlefront



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