The Mercies of Almighty God

The Mercies of Almighty God
To miserable Me ,
Purchas'd by His most precious Blood,
Are, Oh! how Rich and Free!
Mercies , which Answer and Remove
All my just Miseries:
Mercies , Well-worth my Praise and Love,
And Thankful Sacrifice .
Behold, O Gracious Lord , I do
Present my self to Thee:
No Beasts , but my Own Body to
My God, shall Off'red be.
A Body , by the Death of Thine
For Thee full dearly Bought,
To Thee , with Every Thing of mine,
Is now Sincerely brought.
My Living Body Off'red here
So does continue Still;
Oh! may it Live , Thy Name to Fear,
And still to Do Thy Will .
On all I do in It ,
According to Thy Holy Word,
Be now most Plainly Writ.
May I, the Pleasing of Thee , make
My daily care therein ,
And never any Pleasure take
Defil'd with Loathsome Sin .
Lord , Let me thus my Reason use
In Off'ring Thee Thy Own:
'Tis all Right Reason I should choose
To be Thine, Thine alone.
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