A Military Appointment


" So back you have come from the town, Nan, dear!
And have you seen him there, or near —
That soldier of mine —
Who long since promised to meet me here?"

" — O yes, Nell: from the town I come,
And have seen your lover on sick-leave home —
That soldier of yours —
Who swore to meet you, or Strike-him-dumb;

" But has kept himself of late away;
Yet, — in short, he's coming, I heard him say —
That lover of yours —
To this very spot on this very day."

" — Then I'll wait, I'll wait, through wet or dry!
I'll give him a goblet brimming high —
This lover of mine —
And not of complaint one word or sigh!"

" — Nell, him I have chanced so much to see,
That — he has grown the lover of me! —
That lover of yours —
And it's here our meeting is planned to be."
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