The Milkmaid Is Bonny and Fair

O the milkmaid a beautiful flower
And kind as a prayer book to me
She shows me more truth in an hour
Than the Parson and prayer book in three
She shews me sweet tales o wild flowers
And the chaffinches nest i' the thorn
She'll be talking to birds for whole hours
And the sweetest girl ever was born.

Her face is all roses her neck's like her milk
And white as the daisy's snow rim
Her bosoms as soft as the silk
She'd beauty in every limb
The hedge roses hung on the brere
Had nothing at all to admire
Than her smile there was nothing so dear
Then her eyes they were brighter than fire.

The Milkmaid is bonny and fair
Though only seen morning and e'en
All glossy and dark is her hair
Her gown it was bonny and green
Where the green linnet ruffles her wing
And shakes the pearl drops from thorn boughs
O the Milkmaid's a beautiful thing
When she sits there a milking her cows.
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