The Millers Daughter

Where ducks dive in the silent water
And geese about the river swim
A miller had a handsome daughter
Beautiful in shape and limb
Her hair and eye was dark and handsome
Her neck and bosom like the swan
White fair and sweet — a poets ransom
To glad and cheer the heart of man.


I love the millers handsome daughter
And bonny Susan is her name
I courted her a year and quarter
And wrote this ballad on her name
I courted her beside the river
While bright the silver moon beam shone
I'd clasp her in my arms for ever
And vow to love but her alone


The moonlight shone on trees and farms
The waves like gold and silver past
While Susan smiled within my arms
And each smile lovelier than the last
Soft wispering words the sedges made
The moonlight rippled on the water
Where I that evening wooed the maid
The honest Millers handsome daughter —
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