A Mirror to Khalida

I. The Wave

the branches burgeon
Voyage that drowns the day
in the water of the eyes
Wave that taught me that the light
of the stars,
the face of the clouds,
the moaning of dust
are but one blossom.

II. Under the Water

We slept in a garment woven
from the red berries of night —
the night dissolved, the blood
of our innermost being was singing
with the rhythm of cymbals,
the glitter of suns under water ...
The night was pregnant.

III. Lost

... Once
were a fortress yearning
for a strange conquest
and enamored of embraces.
You advanced
Your waist was a king,
your hands the herald of the army,
your eyes a friend and a hiding place.
We fused, were lost in each other and entered
the forest of fire — I taking the first step
you paving the way.

IV. Weariness

The old weariness, my love,
is blooming around the house.
It has now pitchers of water
and a balcony
in whose nooks it sleeps and disappears
And how we worried
about it in its journeys! We ran
circling around the house
asked every grass stalk about it, prayed,
we glimpsed it and shouted:
" How, what and where?
and every branch
has come
but you did not ... "

V. Death

After those moments the same time comes
and the repeated footsteps, the repeated roads,
after them the houses grow old,
after them the bed
puts out the fire of its days and dies
and the pillows die too.
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