To Miss C. Carr

F ORGIVE the Muse, that with her cheering voice
Invites " the House of Mourning " to rejoice!
Forgive the harp, that with its nuptial strains
From a dear Brother's urn thy love detains!
Forgive the wreath its colour of the rose,
That blooms for thee where Spring its mantle throws;
Nor deem it insult on a Sister's grief,
Nor shun with Sorrow's pride the heart's relief.
" The Teacher Death " to filial worth has taught
A nuptial prospect in a pensive thought:
Though charms adorn thee, is the gem ensur'd?
Has Beauty her precarious lot abjur'd?
To thee will Youth eternal garlands bring?
For thee has Fortune chain'd the Zephyr's wing?
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