To Miss D. W.


There is a maid, and she to me
Is all that love may ever be
To meet at morn her rosey smiles
With loves delight my bosom boils
To meet her i' the evening dew
Is sweetest joy I ever knew
I dare do anything but tell
The name of her I love so well


She has to me the sweetest mind
And fairest face o' woman kind
Her soul within her bright eye glows
Her red lips are the parted rose
Her bosom fair the lilys light
Is nothing near so fair and white
Her voice to me is more than fame
My cheek turns pale to hear her name


I never dare as yet presume
To kiss her cheeks carnation bloom
To her I dare no talk design
And yet I think the maiden's mine
Still mine if but the maiden knew
I'd tremble like a drop o' dew
Love hides a yolk within the shell
The bird I never dare to tell.
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