The Morning of the Last Farewell

Before the day ends
you will be far away, my sister
Outside, there's sleet and it's oddly bright.
(Please get me some rain-snow)
From the clouds, reddish, all the gloomier for it,
the sleet comes down thick and clumsy
(Please get me some rain-snow)
To get rain-snow for you
in these two chipped ceramic bowls
with blue water-shield designs
I flew out into this dark sleet
like a crooked bullet
(Please get me some rain-snow)
From dark clouds the color of bismuth
the sleet sinks thick and clumsy.
Ah, Toshiko,
now so close to death
you asked me
for a bowl of clean snow
to brighten me for the rest of my life
Thank you, my brave sister,
I, too, will go by the straight way
(Please get me some rain-snow)
In your harsh, harsh fever, panting,
you asked me
for a last bowl of snow that fell from the sky,
the world called the galaxy, the sun, the atmospheric strata.
Between two slices of granite
sleet makes a solitary puddle
I win stand on them, precariously,
and get for my gentle sister
her last food
from this lustrous pine branch
laden with transparent, cold drops
that maintain the pure white two-phase system of snow and water
Today you will part with
the indigo designs of these bowls we've seen
since the time we grew up together
Yes, today you will part with them
Ah, in that closed sickroom,
behind the dark screen and mosquito net,
my brave sister,
you burn gently, pale
No matter where I choose it
this snow is too white, everywhere.
From that terrifying, disturbed sky
this beautiful snow has come
(When I'm reborn
I'll be born, the next time, so I won't suffer
only for myself like this)
On these two bowls of snow you will eat
I pray from my heart:
may this turn into the food of Tushita Heaven
and soon bring to you and all others
sacred nourishment
That is my wish, and for that I will give all my happiness.
Author of original: 
Miyazawa Kenji
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