Mother Dear, O! Pray for Me

1. Mother dear, O! pray for me, Whilst far from heaven and thee I
2. Mother dear, O! pray for me, Should pleasure's siren lay, E'er
wander in a fragile bark O'er life's tempestuous sea; O
tempt thy child to wander far From virtue's path away, When
Virgin Mother, from thy throne, So bright in bliss above, Pro-
thorns beset life's devious way, And darkling waters flow, Then
tect thy child and cheer my path With thy sweet smile of love.
Mary, aid thy weeping child, Thyself a mother show.
Mother dear, remember me; And never cease thy care,
'Till in heaven eternally, Thy love and bliss I share.

3. Mother dear, O! pray for me,
When all looks bright and fair,
That I may all my danger see,
For surely then 'tis near,
A mother's prayer how much we need
If prosperous be the ray
That paints with gold the flowery mead,
Which blossoms in our way.
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