The Mourners Came at Break of Day

The mourners came at break of day
— Unto the garden-sepulcher;
With darkened hearts to weep and pray,
— For Him, the loved one buried there.
— — What radiant light dispels the gloom?
— — An angel sits beside the tomb.

The earth doth mourn her treasures lost,
— All sepulchered beneath the snow;
When wintry winds, and chilling frost
— Have laid her summer glories low;
— — The spring returns, the flowerets bloom —
— — An angel sits beside the tomb.

Then mourn we not beloved dead,
— E'ndash while we come to weep and pray;
The happy spirit far hath fled
— To brighter realms of endless day:
— — Immortal Hope dispels the gloom!
— — An angel sits beside the tomb.
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