To Mr. Cambridge

We do commend your " Barbary : " — the words
Domestic to thee serve thy will — as 't please
Thyself, pronounce their office. Oh, the pearl
That I in thee possess! — A jewel 'tis
Of such a lustre as if twenty seas
Had all their sands of pearl, and rocks of gold:
Rain blessings on thee! for the kindest man
The best conditioned, most unweary'd spirit
In doing courtesies! — a friend to keep
Under one's own life's-key! — no comrade thou
New-hatch'd — unfledg'd — but thy adoption tried,
And I will grapple thee with hoops of steel
Ev'n to my soul. In prodigality
Of Nature thou art form'd; and the wide world
Hath not thy fellow: — thou art learn'd, a Poet,
A most rare speaker, and thy training such
That thou may'st furnish others; never seek
For aid but in thyself! — The mind's best graces
Are in that inventory. Never yet
(But in their warp for me) have thy affections
More sway'd than reason, or thy Satire's play
Made any fear thee. But Report's false eyes
Are stuck upon thee; and his volumes run
With idle scent and with disordered gust
Upon thy treadings: — thousand scapes of wit
Are father'd upon thee, &c. &c.
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