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" M ISERERE , Domine,
" Miserere, Domine. "
Aching heart, and weary soul,
Cares that wildly toss, and roll,
Hush! — the soft note downward stole
With a charm to make you whole.
Hush! — far off it melts away
O'er the quiet moonlight sea:
The boatmen rest their oars, and say
" Miserere, Domine. "

" Miserere, Domine,
" Miserere, Domine. "
Youthful spirits, laughing eyes,
Hopes as gay as summer skies,
Hush! — and in adoring wise
Hear the strain that never dies!
Lost to mortal ears, that lay
O'er the stars may wander free:
The Angels still their harps, and say,
" Miserere, Domine. "
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